Note: I have written this post based on personal thoughts and I am in no way claiming that my statements are true for everyone nor do I claim that I have the psychological skills to make people change. This is something that perhaps for those who feel the same way can get some clarity and maybe feel a little better. 

Okay you've probably seen this "Keep Calm...&" poster a million, trillion times and am probably sick and tired of it but the messages that people have used on this slogan are effective...plus it's pwetty~ 

Lately, I was on cloud 9 with everything in life, relationships are going really well with others, work was exciting and fun, my exercise was helping me with endorphin's...I was on an ultimate high. But once you are feeling really happy, it's really easy to feel blue again--especially when the smallest negativity enters. I guess the moment you start to doubt yourself is when things start to spin out of control. Well...at least to me, it looks as if things won't get better and you just live with a storm cloud inside you until something amazing happens again to pull you back up. Call me dramatic but this is a general summary of what happens over a long span of time. 

Personally, something triggered me to look into my past and just start hating all the people that brought what I thought was negativity to my life. 

This little hate slowly grew and grew until I was just living in flashbacks and just brought things into my head making the past worse. Everyone's had fall outs with certain people in their lives. You can't avoid it, shit happens. And because I couldn't let it go, it started to affect the way I was. I started to drown in negative flashbacks, and what's even worse is that I started to change situations to have been more negative than before. You guys know how humans tend to forget more than 50% of their memories and create their own? I'm assuming that is what I did and do.  

But I've come to realize that what comes out from this phase is just negativity to myself and I end up holding on to the past and not being able to let it go. Things happen in your life that you have no control of. You meet a friend who just end up not being a compatible person. You have drama at work that you just can't get out of. People are just stupid. Okay, too extreme? There are hundreds of people who come and go in your life. No matter how long a negative period in your life is, eventually things change for the better and the negativity does come again. It all depends on how strong you are and how well you can over come things. If someone is not having a positive impact in your life? Just let them go. 

What bothered me the most was a specific instance where I wasn't able to express my side or my story. Because of that, I lost the trust of another friend. But in the end, what I can do is prove myself again and instead of fighting back with rage and throwing all the evidence that I had against that person to create my own burn book and share it with friends to get back at them is useless. In the end nothing comes out of it but temporary satisfaction. It doesn't benefit you and definitely not the other person. What helps you is to just take them out of your life and not let them affect you. 

So transitioning from that, learn from the past, improve who you are as a person, plan for the future and make sure that things won't fall apart for you later but most importantly live now. Be grateful for your friends and family, your job or future job you will get, health and strength, the ability to enjoy a grandiose amount of cheese like I did last night and the dread of imagining burning off all the calories I got from it. 

Hating on people, is just a waste of time and I still need to get over it but I will get over it. & you will too! 
We all have so much to live for and instead of sulking, take up new hobbies or work on improving yourself to distract you from the bad. It may take some time but what you get out of it is self improvement and eventually be able to move on. 


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