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Recently, I was sent to Pasadena on a business trip. Although the trip was all business, I managed to add in a little bit of mini fun by going on a quick shopping spree. Surprisingly, there were a lot of areas to shop in Pasadena. There was a Crossroads Trading Company, Urban Outfitters, Zara ... the usual. I also stopped by a small boutique called "Chicks & Blokes" where the owner hand picks her selections from numerous suppliers. I thought she had a good eye and the store carries many of the trends as well some unique pieces. If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by (: I will do another post on my mini haul from that boutique. But for my Saturday out, I wore a dress I got from Zara for only $10! Who doesn't love bargains? 

I had posted some photos on Instagram but I did a little bit of a more formal quick shoot just to show you the details of this dress. 

I call it my Greek Goddess dress because there is an embellished collar as well as the overall shear material that kind of gave it that feeling. It is pretty versatile in that you can wear it to work, dress it up a bit with your hair and accessories and wear it on a night out. I've gotten a lot of random compliments on the street with this dress so I thought it was definitely a great buy. 

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I find that the overall look is more formal if I curl my hair. I also added the head band for a more fancy look. My co-workers did ask if I was trying to be a hippie though...

My arm candy was a bit more flashy. I tend to like shiny things. But because of the beaded collar, minimal accessories is also fine too. 

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful week! 


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