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       Sure, everyone looks for the secret product that really does what it claims to do...but to me, the reason that there are so many different products out there is not just a marketing scheme done by multiple companies all trying to get a piece of the riches, but just the fact that each product is different on everyone's skin and results vary from using a wide variety of products is also a reason that I believe there are so many products on the shelf. If there was one truly effective product for everyone, we would probably only be using that product. But as life tends to be "unfair," I try to see it in a different light. The different products we take the time to try out and the new experiences (sometimes bad) just teach us what to use for ourselves and what not to use. In a way, you learn more about yourself, which is definitely not a waste.

       Moving on, I've had fairly reasonable skin all my life. Nothing too terrible or to the extremes, yet not porcelain perfect where I don't have to worry at all. I've had the occasional breakouts and with many relapses to unhealthy junkfood, I definitely varied from time to time when it came to skin condition. Come is unpredictable and each day is different right? Honestly for me, the temptations to eat junk food is just sometimes far to great. (; CHEESE.

       Anyways, this is just a quick short post on my ultimate favorite face product that has been a staple in my routine since freshman year of high school. The Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
*Note, I am not a dermatologist and I did not get any professional opinions on this post so please use this product or take my advice with your own personal discretion*

       Don't get me wrong, I was pretty hesitant on drug store products. Being heavily dependent on name brands, I tend to go with the more higher ended products. But Neutrogena is a big "well-known" company within the drugstore products so I guess it is the designer brand of drug stores....I don't know, I'm rambling on. 

        I have tried many products like Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Clinique Acne 3-step, Shiseido, and even prescribed products from my doctor. But ultimately I always find myself staying with this particular blackhead eliminating daily scrub. 

It came as a mistaken discovery. Being financially dependent on my parents for everything, I didn't have the freedom to test out too much and drugstore products were the way to go. Before the discovery of Sephora, makeup, and a whole new plethora of girl world, heading to Target was my ultimate favorite thing aha. I originally got this product mainly to prevent blackheads from forming. I don't even know how I had that implanted in my head but my worst fear at that time besides weight and college prep was blackheads... I don't even know why... I don't think I even had blackheads.

I still continue to not have black heads so ... I guess it works? But the biggest plus that I see with this product was that the scrub contains 2% of Salicylic Acid which...all you girls should know is an ingredient that treats acne. The three-step acne treatment Clinique product Step 2 only contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid. To me, getting more of a product that helps treat acne for a cheaper price is a done deal. 

Now, here is where it gets a little personal. It is meant for a daily scrub where you put it on your face and wash it off almost immediately but I already had my three step care. Instead of a routine twice a day tool, I used this as a face mask. I wouldn't apply it twice a day. I would even suggest maybe three times a week or even less but I am a bit extreme and I was pretty consistent. I remember using it almost every night. Being a high school student, all I really did was study and stay in front of the computer pimping out my myspace so it wasn't too hard to apply the product on my face every night for long periods of time. 

Now these are my personal results but after about two weeks of applying it and keeping it on for an hour or even more sometimes, I noticed my face breakouts were diminishing and the skin conditions were becoming more consistent or even better. Once the results came in, I immediately fell in love with this product. 

I changed this routine a little bit more after I learned that your skin replenishes at night between the times of 10 pm and 2 am. Maybe it's a myth, maybe not but I believed it and I started to use it between those times. The tiny red micro beads gently scrape off excess dirt on the surface of your skin and leaves you with a fresh, minty feeling. It's a great feeling!

So for anyone who is looking for a product, maybe dealing with acne, or just need a staple face mask or wash, try this one! It's around $6.99 at stores like Target and Walmart and it lasts a long time. The contents tend to foam up a bit when mixed with water so wash your hands in warm water first and with the wet hands, squeeze a little bit of the content out of the tube and into your hands and gently massage your face with it. Simple! I sincerely recommend this product and hope that someone will get the same results that I got. I have nothing but high praise for this product! If you get inspired by me and try it out, tell me how it goes! 

For other drugstore product recommendations, I would also suggest Noxzema & Cetaphil. Noxzema is the grandmother of all products. It has been existant for a long time. However, with incredibly low prices, this brand is known to get straight to the point. Cetaphil is a product that is also relatively affordable. I recommend this brand also mainly because a lot of dermatologists actually recommend this brand. I actually went to the store of Kaiser and they carry this brand for a daily routine as well as skin troubles. 

Here is my Youtube video talking about what you just read. I was hesitant to put that stuff all over my face and do a video because there are just so many gorgeous "youtubers" out there but who cares. I'm trying out this new thing where I am comfortable with myself. Years of struggling with personal confidence issues and making myself suffer, I woke up one day and asked myself why I was making myself suffer so much. Now, I am working to build my confidence and be comfortable with me. 

"Be yourself because everyone else is already taken" Oscar Wilde. 

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For those of you who has supported me from the beginning, thank you so much! & for the newbies, hello! & thank you, too 


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