January Favorites

January Favorites

The end of January is here. Last week, the company which I work for hosted an international meeting with fellow partners. It was a huge deal and I had been working on it for a couple months prior. Now the event had finally arrived and everything worked very well and I was very proud of my accomplishments. I got to learn a lot of new things about myself as well as gain new experiences and meet many new amazing people with all sorts of accents. The ability to open up to new experiences like this comes not often for me and yet again, I was so grateful for such an opportunity. Never fear to get out of your comfort zone for often times, you learn a whole deal of new things that you may have never known before! 

Now moving on from the cheesy-ness, it's towards the end of the month and I realize that each month I focus on specific products, brands, and many other things that vary from time to time so I thought perhaps these monthly favorites is a good idea to do. Now I understand why many other bloggers and vloggers do this. 

Dior Milk | This is actually a pretty new product that I am testing out before purchasing a full size. This is a cleansing milk for your face that you can apply two times a day. 

I used to use the three step clinique acne treatment without the third step. This worked wonders to my skin. I, like every other teen, have those breakouts and occasional scarring that occurs. The three step may not work for everyone but it definitely helped control the breakouts for me. 

Now that I am getting a little older, the breakouts are getting significantly smaller so I wanted to find a new daily routine product that I can use. 

So far, this is a very good product. I have oily skin and products such as Shiseido caused my skin to break out even more. But my test period is working! 

-> Dior Toner | I am also testing out the toner which 
you can apply after washing with the milk. 

Clinique Overnight Mask | While I was getting some samples, I also asked for the Clinique overnight surge mask. I know that your skin replenishes at around 10pm to 2 am. Now that I work everyday, I end up sleeping like an old lady at around 9pm every night. I used to put a face mask application on from 10 to 2 am when I used to be a night owl to help give some nutrients to my skin at it's most sensitive moments. But this is helping me in my sleep! I will definitely purchase a full size! 

Smoothies | Lately, I have been working really hard to get more fruit into my body. I get really lazy because I don't want to cut the fruits so I end up not eating as much as I should. 

I got a blender and try to make a fruit smoothie every other day. 

I buy the frozen fruit packs from Costco. I figured that the frozen fruit would be more fresh than the standard fruits because they pack it up right away and send it to the freezer. It also gives that slight icy crunch that is a cool texture. It's my go to snack after the gym and definitely helps me with my fruit intake. I have seen a significant improvement in skin also! 

Just two quick notes, fruit smoothies doesn't help you lose weight or prevent weight gain. Fruits are high in sugar content and consuming too much fruit will definitely work against losting weight. Another additional note I learned just recently was that fruits are so acidic that after eating smoothies or even the fruit itself, you should rinse your mouth or take some water so that you can wash down most of the acid substance that remains on your teeth. 

Hair Scrunchies With a Twist | These were actually introduced to me when a friend gifted me one. They were these new hair ties that were apparently already trending in Korea for awhile. A couple months ago when I was at H&M I noticed these on the shelf! I honestly thought the colors were a bit tacky but these are definitely useful for me when I want to put my hair up. The unique thing about these are that they do not create a crimp in your hair when you put it up on a pony tail. So after you take out these elastics, your hair is still straight! I like to use it for over night use or just to get my hair out of my face. 

I can probably go on for lists and lists on my favorites but these are the top major changes that I have made into my life. More photo shoots and videos to come! Thanks for reading (: I just wanted to thank all the people who visit my site <3 


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