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Any other girl can probably tell you about their diet lives and their experience. It's true. 

Once you start a diet, you must carry it on for the rest of your life. 

Because of the media and how body is portrayed, it's really hard not to think that way. Especially when everything you see everyday tells you subliminally to follow the same path. I'm pretty sure I've been there, done that. I started cutting calories in middle school which I definitely shouldn't have done because it messed up my metabolism a lot. At first I claimed to be on a diet and when things didn't really seem to work for me, I started cutting my intake of food to just a yogurt for meals...a slice of cheese...and ultimately just oxygen. Honestly, there's a small pleasure to skipping meals. Call me a eating disordered girl but I used to feel good skipping meals. But then again, I would resort back to eating a ton of food a day. I loveeeee cheese...I can't live without it. If I don't go three days without eating a chunk of cheese, I feel not whole. Along with cheese, I can't resist potatoes. If I was a peasant to have lived a long time ago, I would've been fine in the impoverished area with just potatoes and bread. 

As you can see, the ultimate problem is this. Cheese and potatoes are ruining my life. There are so many scientific studies on how cheese causes headaches and acne...potatoes aren't that good for you either I am sure. During extreme diet times, I would cut these out and just try to eat healthy but that never really works out in the long run. Temptations are high and tolerance is low. There was this one summer in high school where all I ate was tofu. One beneficial obsession with food is, I still love tofu, celery, and all that other "healthy" junk too. I can eat tofu everyday and not get tired. When people ask me that island question: What would you eat for the rest of your life if you were stranded on an island? I would ask for tofu. Why not cheese and potatoes? I'll probably die after a month on that. But I've had my peaks in weight where my ultimate goal has been reached and then the low times like my freshman 15 that I basically lost automatically after eating all my meal points within two quarters. That was very difficult. The inability to eat when you want to eat is excruciating and the fact that so many people in the world are at this point makes me speechless. 

I go through those stages of being fat and skinny, having that rubber band weight, I go through intense diet and exercise and ultimately what I learned ... for my personal self is to screw all that crap and just eat what I want. Perhaps not binging and eating a truckload of food but just eating what I want. Learning to balance meals. Does this sound cliche? Did you come here wanting the secrets to losing weight? 

hm...well I am no god here but here is my personal advice and my routines which maybe you can be inspired from.

1. Food 

I eat whatever the crap I want whenever I want. I usually cannot eat before I sleep. I hate snacking so I usually just eat meals. I eat about one to two meals a day. Sure there are people who say it's bad but for works. The whole eat five small meals a day? That's just another way of saying, please...snack all day.  I don't like eating unnecessary stuff and if I am going to intake the calories, I believe I should eat what I want to make it worth it. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit just because I love it so there is a plus there. If I have those random cravings for snacks, I just eat a whole bag of celery and I'm happy. I eat cheese a lot. Those Saturday mornings when I was young and I go downstairs to watch cartoons, I'm eating cheese; cream cheese, cottage cheese, blocks of cheese, you name it. as much but mashed potatoes can win my heart. Anyway enough of those two. Oh another thing, I eat fruit but I don't eat a ton of fruits. Apparently if you eat too much fruits also, the high content of sugar is fattening so it's not really helpful. Not that I follow that "research" but I usually don't like sweet things. Chocolate and desert is nice and good but I don't really search for it. Last night I had Popeyes fried chicken and today at work, I am eating a salad. Oh and eating out is bad. In college I would eat out everyday which caused a lot of skin breakouts, gaining of weight, and the poisoning ever. Let me just tell you, working in a couple food is not as clean as many people expect it. Even with the food inspectors's disgusting. Just be careful because getting Salmonella is not fun. 

2. Working Out 

I work out almost everyday. It is kind of a ... weight watcher tool but I have been doing sports all my life. If I don't run for awhile, my body starts to ache and I want to go running. I gave in to buying a gym pass because it gets so dark early and I'm apparently not allowed to run at night because the rapists target girls running at night. I usually go after work and I try not to eat before I work out because I don't feel like I get a workout. BUT apparently it is good to eat prior to working least a snack. Sometimes yes, I regret not eating before a workout because I end up with a hunger attack and have to cut my workout short to run home and feast but in general it's just my style to not eat prior. I usually run for three miles at 6.0 speed on a standard treadmill. Some days when I get bored with my routine, I run 5.4 speed for every .5 miles and then walk for .10 miles and switch off but I try to get three miles down everyday. After, I cool down with the elliptical which I do for 30 min. The elevation as the highest I can go and the resistance...up to 8? After I go to the weights and I do some stomach stuff and hip stuff and wala done. 

The point is, perhaps looking up all this diet stuff maybe even reading blogs may not always be the thing to follow exactly but to gain inspiration to find out what works for you and what doesn't. If you really want to lose weight, honestly portion control and exercise along with motivation is truly the only thing that will work for you. Starving yourself, like I did for five days, gets you nowhere but you end up running to the fridge and eating everything in there. Everyone has their own way and once you figure out what your body needs and wants you can shape your routins around it. Reward yourself yet control yourself. It's all about your control. 

This post is so long. But new photoshoots soon to come! (: Thanks for reading 


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