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So I went after Christmas shopping! I was pretty happy with what I got so I wanted to share (: With previous experience in retail, most sales for clothes are the best time after Christmas. The extremely low prices go down after January 1st but that's if you can resist the temptation and risk the possibility of none of the clothes in your size. I had a gift card that expired today so I ran off to the store after my dentist appointment. Ten minutes after getting fluoride swished in my mouth of course I purchased my daily iced coffee...oops. Anyways, here is my addition to my closet! I really need to move to a bigger house. 

I've been on the hunt for some pretty good jeans. It's definitely really hard to find good jeans that can shape the way you want especially skinny jeans but these A&F super skinny jeans are amazing. I love them! 

With my phone app 'Wrapp,' I had accumulated a number of gift cards to places like Sephora and H&M. With my last $10 gift card at H&M, I purchased these handcuff looking wristletts and a basic white t-shirt (which you can see in my youtube video below). The cool silver metallic color of these bracelets I thought would go with any outfit. Keep in mind though, I feel like it may get cold if exposed to the cold December air.

These nifty pieces are from a store called Love Culture. Normally this store has some cute looking merchandise. But with my experience, make sure to try on the clothes prior to purchasing from that store because some of the outfits are very oddly shaped when you put on yourself. Nevertheless, I still like to browse anywhere so I went in today and came out with these collar pins. You pin each bird onto each collar of a shirt to create a cool look. Now to think of it, it reminds me of the Hunger Games...oops.

When I went to purchase the bird pins, the cashier said today was a buy one get one free promotion day so I got this spiked headband for free! I was thinking of doing a diy studded headband but this will do! At least until one of the pieces pops off aha.

Another steal I got this month with my Wrapp app was this mini purse. I had previously put this down after minutes of pondering if $20 was worth it. But the day I went shopping, it was on sale for $7! That was the dealbreaker. I purchased it right away. The fur is faux and although it's from H&M I think the fur quality is fairly good along with the pushed in chain links with the faux alligator skin strap on the top and under the buckle. H&M sure did a good job of producing this bag. I am in love with my new pet! 

Here is a full youtube video of my haul and my recent nail plates that I have purchased. I will do an updated nail post with my new purchases also hehehe 

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