626 Night Market

626 Night Market

On Saturday, I got to go to the 626 Night Market. This event is basically a Taiwanese inspired market scene with vendors selling products ranging from accessories to clothes and delicious foods! There were many food trucks that served lobster, grilled cheese, boba, and all types of asian fusion foods. This event was in the racetrack where the movie, Sea-biscuit was filmed. The horse track was huge and the betting area and everything was very interesting to pass by. 

This little critter visited us while we were eating. Eww

I didn't buy too much; it actually started to rain so I left early ): 
But here is a video of what I bought! 


  1. i heard it was hella crowded and annoying last year. it looks pretty neat now :)

    1. hahaha it was really crowded for sure; I had to push and shove around to fight for my items. Jk but ya a lot of people



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