Velvet, Sweaters, Back to School fashions, Oh My!

This entry is a bit of random stuff and a bit of new predictions with some extra photos.

So far with fall style predictions, major ones include studs, knit sweaters, and royalty. I am pretty late on the tv show hype but I started Game of Thrones a couple days ago. As the hype has been, it's a pretty interesting show but the more important thing I like to look at is their clothes. Royalty is a big attraction for me. Marie Antoinette, being a big fashion leader, set a specific way of dress which has been inspired through fashion from then and now.

Marie Antoinette

Frills, lace, ribbons, and royal colors have been recycled through looks and trends every year. Velvet fabric has been used in many looks for the fall and winter time. The soft, rich fabric provides a feel good look for the colder climate soon to come.


I am so excited for the weather to cool down and the sweaters, jackets, and coats that we can take out of our closets and wear. In addition, layering collars under sweaters, wearing hoodies, and all those good things are coming soon!

One look which I always think comes back in is the back to school prep style. Personally, I love the letterman jackets, the cardigans, needless to emphasize the collars, and school skirts. With school starting and students getting back into that school mode, I believe fashion follows.

With these predictions, I also wanted to show two tops that I will be wearing in the fall along with my Ecote boots that I love!

In my previous entry, The Angels, I had talked about MAD LOVE , an Australian brand, that has become "mad popular." I only own one sweater from them but I am in love. Their new fall 2012 collection is online if you wish to see: fall.

But before i order more from them, I took a couple photos with the sweater:

Mad Love Sweater

Mad Love Sweater

Mad Love Sweater

1. Top: Mad Love (s)

2. High rise shorts: Brandy Melville $35 (one size)

3. Shoes: Ecote at Urban on sale for $40 (6 and a 1/2)

I also got a jean button up from my mom's closet that she no longer wears and here are a few pictures with that. I actually am thinking about making a dyed ombre shirt, but still thinking on that.

Jean shirt

Jean Shirt

1. Jean Button up: Bicket & Ingrish $ unavailable (Size 4)

2. Bottoms: high rise jeans Brandy Melville $39 (one size)

3. Shoes: wedges Charlotte Russe $20 (Size 7)


Fall and winter is my favorite time of the year so definitely a whole load of pictures and inspirations are on it's way! Next post will be a DIY tutorial on how to create a cute ribboned back shirt with fringes on the bottom. Thanks for reading and feel free to send me some feedback!♡


  1. I cannot get over how precious that sweater is!! I'm actually working for a company that is starting to sell Mad Love Clothing, so I'm very excited to get some of my own cute sweaters. I also love those yellow shoes! Definitely makes your outfit pop. :D


  2. I am just like you! I'm so excited for fall to come and to be able to wear sweaters, etc.!! Love your high-waisted shorts and boots!! Cute!

    <3 Channel Jen

  3. That mad love sweater looks amazing on you :)
    Love the boots and the yellow shoes!

  4. Dude fall and winter is the best time for outfits! (:
    Thank you~~

  5. hehe ya someone special gave it to me <3 hehe
    I LOVE MAD LOVE clothing hehe (:

  6. my best friend is obsessed with game of throne and she talks about it all the time! i should start watching it.... lol

    karlie kloss is so pretty!

    i love your lace up booties :p

  7. i heart bold royal colors! esp for fall! cant wait to find that perfect royal-colored dress to rock with some high-rise boots n blazer/jacket :D loved the post! keep posting!! can't wait for fall pics :))


  8. Your sweater is so cool! It sort of reminded me of the Rocky Horror show.
    Your boots are really cute also.
    I can't wait for fall so I can start wearing boots! :)

    Vogue Villain

  9. hahaha ya~ I also thought it looks like the rolling stones a bit but just a .. more feminine? version ahhahaha
    I can't wait for fall!! (:

  10. hehe (: Thank you!!
    I'm checking out your website right now and I love your posts! <3

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